6 Simple Date Ideas for Couples

If you happen to click this article, you must be a girl or a boy in a relationship who desperately looking  for an idea to your next date. I know it can be tiring and difficult to think of a cool, fun and unique things sometimes because you only want the best to the both of you. Personally, I was the one who always plan for our date. (coughs) Hahah! Even though it’s a bit irritating because he’s not helping me, or I’m already running out of idea. So, here’s a simple list of date ideas for you and your special someone.

Go on a Museum Date

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We both love to go to museum. Although it means staring instead of talking. Personally, I like going to art museum while him going to a science museum.  We may have different taste but we still compromise each other.

Take a long walk together 

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It’s the easiest and cheapest thing to do, You don’t have a certain destination to go to as long as you have each other, that’s fine. (cheesy)

Have dinner and see a movie

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Dinners after movie are romantic. You can never go wrong with this idea. It’s the most popular kind of date for couples. It’s classic!

Go on a “Timezone” date

After watching your favorite movie, going on an arcade is the next thing to do. You can compete on a various arcade games and collect tickets, sing your heart out at music booths and lastly taking photos on their photobooth.

Travel Together

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The couple that travels together, stays together. Travelling makes you both unravel new things about yourself, discover different places and experience freedom together. It helps couple understand and be patient to each other. It is never the money as they say, it’s about experience.

Go to a Concert

People who attends music or dance concert have a chance of increase in well-being expression, happiness and satisfaction of life.



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