This is sooooo accurate! 😍 I’ve been a KDrama fan since Winter Sonata aired here in the Philippines. After that, yun na! Tuloy tuloy na sya 😅 Kinain na ng sistema. Thanks for sharing this to all the fangirls. Nakka relate talaga sya 🖐 #KDramaisLifeu

Annyeong Oppa


“Hi this is Annyeong Oppa, a kdrama addict, and this is my story…. more specifically, why I ended up being a kdrama fan.” 

I have been a kdrama fan for a long time now and it’s really fulfilling na these days, hindi na ako nag iisa. I created the Annyeong Oppa Facebook Page last year because I want to share my feels. Also I am hoping that I could reach out to fangirls/boys like me who wants to talk about kdramas but has no one to talk to. Fortunately, I did. And I am thankful.

Many people are asking why I love kdramas so much. Actually, there are so many reasons bes, but I tried my best to pick 13  reasons why I did.

1. Because kdramas gives me so much feels. Okay what is Feels? It is an intense gush of emotions. Yes, and kdramas gives me that. That’s the magic…

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