Your Ultimate Guide to Anawangin Cove

Longing for an adventure this summer? Let me take you to one of the famous destinations of our country. It is located in San Antonio Pundaquit Zambales. (drum rolls please…) Anawangin Cove!!!

If you want an alternative to the usual beach getaway, here’s the perfect solution for you. Not only you get to experience outdoor activities, star-gazing but also a legit camping experience. How cool was that? Anawangin Cove is just a couple of hours away from Manila. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and if you just want to relax and unwind, it’s the place for you.

How to get there?

There are 2 options to choose:

D-I-Y Traveller type

From Cubao, Pasay or Caloocan

  • Ride a bus of Victory Liner bound to Iba, Zambales
  • Drop off to San Antonio Public Market.
  • From there, you can buy your foods that you’ll be needing for your trip. (For us, we just bought hotdog, rice and fruits because we already brought some canned goods and snacks from Manila.)
  • After that, ride a tricycle going to Pundaquit.
  • From Pundaquit, you can already rent a boat to anawangin. Here’s the updated list of prices below.

boat rates

Through Travel Agency

The most easiest and convenient way!



For just P1, 299.00 you can enjoy a 2 days and 1 night tour to Anawangin Cove which includes transportation, entrance fees, tent, kitchen utilities and more (except foods). It’s affordable and their staffs are accommodating. They make sure that everything’s okay and ask you if there’s anything you need.

Tour package includes:
✔ Anawangin Cove tour
✔Roundtrip Land Tranport
✔ Driver’s meal, gas & parking lot fees
✔ Roundtrip Boat Transfer
✔Island hopping to Capones & Camara Islands
✔ Trekking to Anawangin Hilltop
✔ Tour Coordinator
✔ Tent Accommodation
✔ Camp Tables and Chairs (first come, first served-basis)
✔ Entrance/Overnight stay fees
✔ Environmental fees
✔ Set of Bonfire
✔ Cooking Utensils
(Pot, Grill, Pitcher, Laddle, Knife, Chopping board)
✔ Gallon(s) of Distilled Water
✔ Enough supply of Ice w/ cooler
✔ Charcoal for cooking


Facebook page: Hitch Getaway Travel and Tours




We arrived at Anawangin at 7am. First, we set up our tent. Then after that, we cooked and eat our foods since we’re already hungry that time. Lastly, we get some rest since we’re lack of sleep.


Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

WARNING: For those who are planning to go here, do not expect a luxurious CR. It’s kinda dirty, so I think they should improve this in the future.


What I like about their beach is their  fine but not white sands! Don’t worry, even the sun is scorching hot, the water is cool and refreshing.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

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Aside from camping adventure and beach bumming, we also get to experience trekking Anawangin Mountain. It’s a 30 minute hiking activity,. It’s not hard although the trail is steep. We went there at 4pm for sunset viewing. It will be tiring so make sure to bring your bottle of water. But, it’s all worth it. Once you get to the peak of the mountain, you get to see the overlooking of the whole place.










On our 2nd day, we went on island hopping. Supposedly, the start of our activity is 9am. However, something unexpected happen that day. Our boat is nowhere to be found! We waited for at least 4 hours for our boat to arrive. We we’re behind our schedule that day. Imagine that? But of course, we don’t blame our travel agency since its not their fault and they also didn’t expect it to happen. It’s also the first time that their boat got delayed! Anyways, we just enjoy our last day in Anawangin by island hopping. First stop was Capones Island and lastly, Camara Island.


Going to Capones Island




You had to climb up to reach the lighthouse.


The picture was taken on the lighthouse. It was a bit rusty, old and creepy inside. 


Camara Island (The only decent photo I took. I wasn’t able to reach the island since our boat was a bit far. I’m not good in swimming so after a failed attempt which I nearly drowned. I just stay in our boat.


Yes, the water is clear! 🙂



Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset


Since it’s a camping adventure, you don’t expect it to be as comfortable and luxurious as your previous travel experience. Considering that this is an island, everything is back to basic. Here are things that you need to bring.

• Bottle for water refill
• Spoon/Fork/Plate/Cup
• Plastic for garbages
• Portable grill(if you want to make your island life better) Dishwashing liquid,
• Extra clothes
• Flashlight / Emergency light / Powerbank
• Mosquito repellent
• Travel pillow, mattress
• Pocket money for other expenses and some board games (It’s kinda boring on the island, trust me! So bring some board games or music player)


12:OOAM – ETD Cubao-Zambales
5:OOAM – ETA Subic; Breakfast
6:OOAM – Buy foods & meal utensils at San Antonio, Zambales Market
7:OOAM – ETD Pundaquit Port-Anawangin Cove; Boat ride
8:OOAM – ETA Anawangin; Set Camp
9:OOAM – Siesta; Chill
12:OOPM – Lunch
1:OOPM – Free time; Beach bumming galore; Explore the cove; Photoshoots; Swim; Snorkel
4:3OPM – Sunset trek to Anawangin hilltop
7:OOPM – Dinner
8:OOPM – Free time; Bonfire; Stargazing; Soul searching; Shoot the breeze; Party

5:3OAM – Wake-up; Stretching; Toilet routines
6:OOAM – Breakfast
9:3OAM – Pack-up & Get ready for Island hopping
10:OOAM – ETD Anawangin-Capones Island
11:OOAM – ETA Capones
11:30AM – ETD Capones-Camara Island
11:40AM – ETA Camara
12:20PM – ETD Camara-Port
12:3OPM – ETA Port; Rinse & wash yourself
1:3OPM – Lunch first or stop-over along the way for lunch
2:3OPM – ETD Zambales-Cubao
9:OOPM – ETA Cubao


That’s all. I hope you find this travel guide helpful. Don’t forget to share this post to your friends and group for future referrence. If you have questions & questions, please comment below. Thank you 🙂


7 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to Anawangin Cove

    • eloisabunny says:

      Hi. May maliit na sarisari store po doon. But ang advise nila is bumili na lahat ng kelangan like foods sa market bago pumunta ng island. Kasi samin, kami lang po nagluto ng food namin.


    • eloisabunny says:

      Hello po. Wala pong shower sa CR. balde at tabo lang panligo don. Medyo madumi yung CR nila since yung ibang travellers is irresponsible. Hindi marunong magtapon ng kalat nila.


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