The Struggles of a “NEWBIE” blogger

I’ve been blogging for a few months now and I still consider myself as a newbie. I’ve done different articles but somehow still fails to attract a large audience. There are days where I question myself, what have I done wrong? What are the areas that I need to improve? As a beginner, it’s always a struggle to make a solid foundation for your blog and make an effort to market yourself because of thousands competitors out there. So if you’re reading this, I’ve list down some struggles that I’ve encountered as a novice blogger.


How will you know if your blog appears weak to your readers? How will you know if your blog post fail to attract attention? As a writer, it could be disappointing if you check your article and seeing no one view or commented on your work! Well, here’s the reason why.

  • Your intro is boring and puts people to sleep. If you fail to write a catchy phrase on the first sentence of your article, they would immediately stop reading! Think about something that would catch their attention, something they can relate to. Once they’re hooked, they would finish reading your work.
  • The way the person writes. Sometimes, a newbie blogger writing sucks! Proofread your work! Check your grammar first before publishing it. Avoid using repetitive words. Do a final read of your work or ask someone to read it for a review.


Personally, the first thing that I pay attention with when visiting a blog or website is their appearance. For me, first impression lasts. If you want to gain viewers, make sure that your visual style is not too busy. Try to pick a clean, minimalist theme. Avoid putting a lot of widgets. As much as possible, make them focus on your work not on your theme/background.


Before writing, try to research harder. There are a lot of blogs online and sometimes, they post the same ideas over and over again. Be unique and think out of the box. Ask for some help from other people and try to brainstorm about it. Make sure that it would captivate your future readers.


The most important thing about creating a blog is to find your loyal viewers. Find people who share the same interest and same passion like yours. For example, if you’re putting up a travel blog, your target audience mostly are amateur travelers and backpackers.


As a newbie blogger, getting a share is as important as building your audience. If you need to increase traffic to your website, thus sharing your article is a must. Use your social media accounts. Join groups. Promote your work more than once. In that case, your garnering a number of clicks and share of your article.


It’s the hardest part for me as a newbie blogger. Of course, you don’t want to be compared to others writers out there. But knowing your competitors is also important. For me, make a list of it. Visit their page, analyze their work. Look for something that makes their page popular. How often they post and how they interact with their readers. But never, ever copy their work or grab something from them without permission!!! 


Many blogs die/disappear quickly because of lack of promotion. The moment you publish a new blog post, you should distribute it to your different social media accounts to garner clicks and viewers. Interact with your followers. There’s no guarantee that your blog will be a hit, but there’s no harm in trying.



29 thoughts on “The Struggles of a “NEWBIE” blogger

  1. Diy Dear says:

    This is a really good post, it’s really helpful. I’m definitely a ‘newbie’ and have been blogging for an even shorter amount of time. Reading your comment on my post earlier was really encouraging, and definitely enticed me to check out your work. Thank you!

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  2. true12imam says:

    thanks bunny, you’ve mentioned great points, i’m sure that i’ll keep them on my mind.
    but you know, i think sometimes your just need to stop being worried about the numbers of your audiences and let your heart runs your emotions and show you the true path.
    wish you good luck and numerous audiences !


    Liked by 1 person


    I have no idea how I lost your comment on my site. Sincere apologies for not dropping by earlier.
    Your site looks super promising and you have great content. New follower. xD
    This post relatable-ness (I realize that’s not a real word but we’re going to roll with it Lol) hit me hard. Although its been a year, I still feel like a newbie when compared to the flourishing sites of fellow bloggers. I don’t think that feeling’s going to to go away anytime soon.
    Anyway great post. Looking to read more from you. xD

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  4. Wanderfully Living says:

    Hey this is a great post, and very relatable/understandable. We are a fairly new blog and are still on the path of trying to combat many of the above although we love what we’re doing I definitely find it really helps the process. Best of luck with yours (followed for more)

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  5. Kismet says:

    Hi! Nice post. I am a newbie as well. Do you write notes prior to writing your blog? So as you won’t forget? Or do you just remember every single detail of your experiences? I’m just curious and I badly wanna learn. I’m from the PH! 👋

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    • eloisabunny says:

      Hi! I have my notes whenever I travel or put something on my blog cause I have a poor memory 😅Its always hard when you’re jaut starting but you’ll get used to it 👍

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      • eloisabunny says:

        I usually connect my wordpress to my social media accounts and update my site as often as i can 😊


  6. sayheytoray says:

    My struggle is not wanting to use my personal facebook, twitter etc. I have just started an instagram this week with my blog.. obviously I have little to no following yet but insta and a blog
    (and eventually I want to start a youtube channel uploading travel videso too) is what I feel comfortable with at this stage. I worry that won’t be enough promotion.

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