20 Facts About Me


Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever topic here in my blog. I’m still having a hard time on choosing what to discuss here cause there’s a lot of stuffs going in my head right now. So, I’m thinking, what if I should start with introducing myself to you so you get to know me better. Let’s start!

1.) I’m a bit childish for my age.

2) My favorite colors are white, black and gray.

3) When I was a child, my dream job was to be an ARCHEOLOGIST! 

4) I was part of drum & lyre band when I was in Grade 5-6

5) I love travelling. It keeps me calm and discover a lot of new things.

6) I hate people who can’t keep their promises.

7) I’m an introvert (sometimes, haha!)

8) I SERIOUSLY LOVE KOREAN DRAMAS & Harry Potter films! I can watch them everyday.

9) I have a boyfriend and we’re together for 2 1/2 years now.

10) I love clothes and shoes which I always bought from bazaars (Trendsetters & Manila Sundance).

11) I hate body odors and LATE people.

12) I have trust issues.

13) I’m not into sports. 

14) My favorite actors are mostly KOREAN actors. I can’t pick one because i love them all. HAHA 😀

15) What Bunny wants, Bunny gets.

16) I look younger than my age.

17) I have one brother and I’m the eldest.

18) I’m a moody person.

19) I’m more of a listener so it’s hard for me to start a conversation, especially with a stranger.

20) I’m shy.

So, there you have it. 


8 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. wordswooer says:

    Nice meeting you, Bunny! Thank you so much for following my blog! Through your posts I’d too pay an imaginative visit to exotic places! thanks for uploading those great pix and sharing your experience! best wishes! 🙂


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